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Morris Hinson CRI / ACI
Teaching throughout SE Michigan, including all of the "thumb".

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Teaching the wet-on-wet oil painting technique used by TV artists Bob Ross® and Bill Alexander. This easy to learn method makes it possible for everyone from the first time painter to the aspiring artist, to experience the joy and magic of oil painting.

There are no prerequisites for painting classes.
No experience or "talent" is required, just a desire to paint.
If you've ever wanted to try oil painting this method is one of the easiest to learn.

A little side note. Leave your perfectionism at home and bring your humor with you. Learning will be a lot more fun. And be gentle with yourself concerning your expectations. A first time painter will start with a simple approach as you begin to learn the tools for creating, while a painter with some experience will have a more detailed approach.

phone 248.393.2631 | email opt.morris@yahoo.com